Who we Are

The Most Effective Dog Training in The World.

Christopher Maynard is a retired U.S. Marine who has been working dog obedience training since 2010. Christopher is a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, and  Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed, with additional certification in Hunting Dog training and Dogs with Aggression. He is also a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. He enjoys volunteering his time at animal shelters and police departments in the Northeastern United States. Chris Also travels the world teaching group classes and helping people with aggressive dogs. Chris has recently added a highly trained team to the business. Look for more information on the team members coming soon.

Our Principles

KNow ourselves and always seeking improvement

It’s in our core to recognize and adjust our own abilities and understanding of dogs, each and every day. We do our best to maintain the highest level of education and formality in this industry.

We set the example for all trainers in the industry

We always have the most up to date training syllabus. We set the example for what a great dog training team should be. We wear uniforms, show up promptly, and are always courteous and professional.  We are what other training companies copy and use as their template

Ensuring you are in the know...

We go through great lengths to ensure you as our clients understand our training methods,  are practicing proper and safe techniques and fulfilling your requirement and responsibility to your dog and our relationship together. We as a team with your family, help your dog succeed.

Develop Responsibility

We are not worthy of these great beings we call dogs. As humans we need to take on a greater responsibility to train and communicate with our 4-legged friends, so that we all live happier and healthier lives. We at Maynard Dog Training along with your help will ensure that we are all staying on task with our training plans.

We Provide Training

That Your Dog Deserves!

What Can We Offer


We hold ourselves responsible for the care and training of your dog. For you. For your dog...for our team. We carry a high amount of Business insurance and on top of that we have an umbrella policy that protects us beyond the regular insurance needs. This ensures we have full responsibility and safety in place so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve for your pet and your family. YOU SHOULD NEVER hire a trainer who doesn't have insurance.


Our team is vetted by one of the top dog trainers in the world. We don’t use the phrase “I only like dogs”. Chris Maynard ensures that all of the team are friendly to both humans and dogs alike. 


If you haven’t noticed yet, we take our jobs very seriously. And we should! Chris Maynard is a Master Dog Trainer with 10 years active duty Marine Corps experience. He carries this experience and professionalism   every where he goes. Our team wears uniforms, maintains grooming standards and takes pride in the MDTS name and  upholds with the highest standards for training and honor

Love of Dogs

We ensure that the team of trainers we employ are both dog savvy and dog lovers. The last thing we want is someone on our team that doesn’t like dogs and is only in the business for the money. Yes there are trainers in our area who actually don’t even like dogs..it’s crazy!