01/ personal Training

While working one on one with your personal trainer you and your pet will learn the commands you desire to teach your dog and learn alternatives to unwanted behaviors. Sessions are typically 1 or 2 hours once weekly and conducted in your home. 1 hour sessions start at $99 (depending on location) and 2 hour sessions start at $260. 


We have an available alternative option to train with Master Dog Trainer Chris Maynard for 1 or 2 hours. 1 hour with Chris cost $199 and 2 hours cost $349 (depending on location) 


To schedule your next session please contact Linda 774.391.2885 or email Maynarddogtraining@gmail.com

02/ Group Training

We’re going to change the way you communicate with your dog. To do this, we’ve designed every group class with you and your dog in mind to achieve the best results for you and your dog. Group classes are help at Dogtopia of Warwick RI and Dtails Pet Spa in Smithfield RI

03/ Board & Train

We are currently developing Board and Train programs and will update you as soon as possible.

Why Choose us

Certified coaches

Our trainers are highly certified and professional. They continue their education so they always know the best, gentlest, and fastest ways to help your dog gain amazing results.

Customizable programs

We can easily customize our programs for you,since every family and dog is different. From the program type to the place of training, there are a variety of options that can be changed.

Efficient Training

Our training actually works, and quickly. We teach you and your dog together, so you know exactly what you need to maintain the training of your dog for many years to come.

Years of expertise

Our years of experience means that we can help you find the best way to teach your dog to listen reliably to your whole family, and stop unwanted behaviors that you would like to avoid.

Lots of positive reviews

The vast majority of our clients are highly satisfied with our dog training programs and boarding packages. Feel free to read our customers’ reviews and testimonials on our website.

personalized approach

We understand that no dog is the same and that’s why we use a personalized approach in all our training and boarding programs. It allows us to achieve better results in dog training.


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